About Us

For over 25 years, Pukeko Junction Regional Wine Centre & Gallery has championed the local Waipara Valley and North Canterbury wineries.  Set up by the original owner, Kevin Brookfield, who saw the potential of our little known wine region!  Now we have an amazing stable of world class wineries, such as Pegasus Bay, Mountford, Pyramid Valley, Black Estate, Bell Hill, Greystone, Muddy Water, to name just a few, right on our doorstep!

Sourcing where ever possible New Zealand made products, it has long been our mantra, and knowing our suppliers personally, understanding their dedication and skill behind their products, is what motivates us everyday.  "Every label has a story", let us share it with you!

Whether it is a unique gift, souvenir, or a bottle or two of a hard to find local wine, we take huge pride in our extensive knowledge and range of local wines, craft beers, gourmet specialties (traditional aged balsamic vinegar's and local olive oils), handmade homewares, candles, epicurean cookbooks, local authors, jewellery, art, baby and adult clothing and so much more!

Where ever possible, we recycle and reuse packaging and boxes, and also offer a free LOCAL PICKUP for your convenience.

The future of "Bricks & Mortar Stores" like ours, is becoming more and more fragile, especially after more than our fair share of natural disasters and now a world pandemic!  The decision to add an ONLINE STORE has been in the making for a very long time.  We are NOVICES, so please be kind, as we navigate our way through this process.  We will continue to give our best service to you online, as we do in-store, to help you source unusual or rare wines and products, that have HEART and SOUL!  THANK YOU xx

Who am I?

For the last 6 years, Sheryll Bowen has owned and operated Pukeko Junction Wine Shop and Gallery along with a team over the years of winemakers, sommeliers, foodies, and generally really nice people!

'A "Foodie" from way back, my first job after leaving school was working for a Restaurant Group in the late 70's, where Michael Lee-Richards was and still is my food hero!  With  a stint overseas for 10 years, I returned to New Zealand even more fully appreciating our food, art and culture!   After setting up the Waipara Valley Wine Appreciation Club in 2012, my quest began in earnest to learn more about wine, it has led to a life long passion of wine, where I think I will keep learning for the rest of my life!

My artistic parents, Colin & Jenny Bryce, helped shaped my eclectic style in art and creativity.  Between them, they paint, sculpt, design, frame, pot (pottery), craft, and forever invent new and interesting art!  How lucky am I?

My hobbies are all that I see, in wonder, around me!  Art, landscape design, interior design, gardening, food, food and food, oh, and CHARDONNAY!"

With the award winning Pukeko Junction Cafe & Deli nextdoor, we are very spoilt for excellent coffee and food, a great synergy!